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Please see below a demo of my most recent digital assets design project for Accord Healthcare. I redesigned their entire portfolio, allowing them to stand out from the crowd in a competitive space.

I am currently working on a project with the Prolia team for my web tool; I wanted to showcase my other offerings too - starting with graphic design.

Let me know if you have any questions, Conor.

Asset creation & Design

Latest Project 

Why choose digital?
  • It’s clear to see how much the importance of digital advertising has risen over the last number of years. Consumers are leaning towards digital platforms and media for their consumption of news and information… with many not engaging with print media at all.
  • Digital advertising is also cheaper. In some cases, rates for digital adverts can be as little as 15% of the cost of print, for the same expected impressions/viewers.
  • Although print media in healthcare does carry more importance than in general media, we can still see the same trends carrying over into the industry.
Why choose cTrueMedia?
  • There are plenty of graphic design agencies out there and some specialise in digital design. We’re different in that we specialise in all aspects of design but specifically in healthcare. 
  • We are up to speed on all IPHA and HPRA guidelines and can assist in ensuring compliance and suitability. 
  • Understanding the review and approval process is important to us. We make it easy for you during every step, lowering the hurdles you may have to jump over!
  • We design assets from the ground up but we understand that some products may have great print assets but no digital; we can adapt those print assets into dynamic, unique digital ads, whilst maintaining your brand’s messaging, style and theme.

Although we do specialise in it, we’re not just in the healthcare sector. We have seen first hand the immediate increase in prices based on a project being for a company in the healthcare sector.

We will never do this and will only ever quote based on the value of our work, not the value of your company.


Leaderboard 728px x 90px

These banners are seen on desktop only. They rotate every 15 seconds to align with publishers’ specifications. The banners can have multiple click-throughs… SmPC, More Info, References etc.

Mobile Leaderboard 300px x 90px

These banners are mobile only versions of the leaderboard.

Mid Page Unit (MPU) 300px x 250px

These banners are seen on both mobile and desktop devices